About Community Access

Founded in 1974, Community Access is a pioneer of supportive housing and social services in NYC for people with mental health concerns. We proudly lead advocacy efforts that rally our community to promote human rights, social justice, and economic opportunities for all.

Too often, the people we serve have been left out and shut out, seen as undeserving of the opportunity to build or re-build their lives: New Yorkers who have lived on the streets or in shelters and institutions for years (sometimes decades); who are struggling with drug and alcohol use; who are recovering from trauma, discrimination, and isolation.

Community Access provides person-centered services that help people pursue goals that are important to them — from gaining access to an affordable home, to learning new skills; from re-establishing community ties, to setting goals for the future.

  • Housing
    We are one of the oldest and largest providers of supportive housing in NYC. We created the blended housing model, which has become a best practice nationally: this includes low-income families living side-by-side with people with mental health concerns.
  • Education & Job Training
    Our award-winning programs combine research-based methods with the bedrock principles of peer expertise. Of note, our Howie the Harp Advocacy Center in Harlem is recognized nationally as the gold standard in job training for mental health consumers.
  • Crisis Services
    We opened the first Crisis Respite Center in NYC, and run the only peer-operated support line—resources that help people avoid emergency rooms and costly hospitalizations.
  • Health & Wellness
    We run several programs focused on helping participants improve physical and emotional well-being, including care coordinationservices, urban farming initiatives, a pet adoption program, and a dynamic PROS (personalized recovery-oriented services) program.
  • Advocacy
    We are the leading advocacy organization for mental health consumers in New York. We train and empower community members to engage in activities that help shape policies and system-wide change.
  • Art
    Our unique Art Collective workshops empower participants to use art as a healing tool.